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lundi 12 juin 2017, par Julia Fady

Former Mignet International Section student, Sarah Anderson, will be returning to her old haunts to speak to the students of the section about her first published novel, STARSTRUCK.

Sarah was a student at Mignet from 2006 to 2010. A self-defined « devourer of books » she has always shown an incredible talent for writing. Now she has just published her very first novel, but is already planning a series of five books to complete the saga.

Starstruck follows the adventures of Sally : she has just lost her job, her roommate and her sanity. Then, she hits an alien with her car...

Sarah will talk to the International students about publishing, her novel and how she manages to write fiction and also study astrophysics.

Find out how Friday, 16th June, at 10:00 in the cinema room.

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