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Comenius Trip to Prague

mercredi 5 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

Wednesday, 5 June

We met at the airport at 8:30 with bulging suitcases and bags. Then we checked in, passed security (losing a couple of pairs of scissors on the way), and finally, after a quick peek in a shop, we boarded the plane at 10:00 ! We left at 10:30 (on time), being very excited about going to Prague. The trip to Prague took roughly 2 hours, with free cookies and drinks on the way. Most people could see the flooding (everyone except the people in the middle of the plane who couldn’t see on either side because of other peoples’ heads). We got off the plane at 12:30 and got our luggage, before walking out of the airport to wait at a bus stop for the bus to arrive. The bus took us in front of our pen pals’ school, where the people who slept with their pen pals’ families got picked up and the others continued their way to the Praha Ladvi Hostel.

Our Hostel !

We left our luggage in the hostel and we went back to the school to meet our pen pals and our friends. After a speech of the mayor (who was also the director of the school), we played a treasure hunt game ; though the clues were hard to decode ! The point of the treasure hunt was to make us visit the school with our pen pals, but some peoples’ pen pals were absent so they had to be teamed up with other people. In the middle, most of the students just got fed up with it and started playing with the microphones, and we were gladly surprised that they could do that without getting into any trouble. French teachers beware !
At 6:00 in the afternoon, the students sleeping at the hostel ate dinner at the school with the teachers while the others left to eat dinner with their pen pals. After eating, we went back to the hostel by bus and we started writing this article. In summary, this was a very interesting day, and we hope the next day will be the same !

from our reporters in prague, Marjorie Etchevers and Emma Garton

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