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Comenius Trip to Prague : Day Two

jeudi 6 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

Dobré rano !

This morning, team « youth hostel » woke up to a bizarre breakfast : airline sandwiches and Russian chocolate bars. The orange juice seemed to have been prepared with powder orange juice, a bit like ’Kool Aid’. We got ready and after a short bus trip, arrived at the school around 0800. We joined our respective partners and got ready for a fun quiz !

Our Czech leader called the different teams to the dining hall. They had prepared a life size game board. One team at a time, we answered different questions about France, the Czech Republic, The European Union, Bohuslav Martinu and of course, general culture. After 2 hours of amazing fun, the game came to an end as team 5 (Noah, Pema, Adrien, Emma, Katia, Shaima, Hannah, and some other Czech students) won the game. Our dynamic game hosts, Hugo and Nathanael, congratulated us on our outstanding performance.

Later on, each team left to separate rooms in the school to make beautiful posters for our upcoming show... While painting we all shared a lot with our partners. We told them about the beauty of our country as they taught us a few Czech words. What a multicultural experience it was indeed ! We all shared our paintings, then we walked together towards the cafeteria...

As we went to our first Czech lunch we realized that the food here is very... improbable ! The chefs had composed an extraordinary menu :

- entrée : spinach soup
- main course : industrial bread topped with warm English custard
- dessert : inexistant
- drink : warm grenadine-like tea

No need to say that we were not expecting such ’fine cuisine’. Some didn’t even finish their plates ! As school finishes at 13h30, Mrs Fady and M Terrisse took us on a complicated bus ride to a TESCO mall.

Once we arrived at the mall, our teachers defined a few rules and we all left in groups on, what some may call, a shopping spree. We discovered that though the Czech Republic has been liberated from Communism merely 20 years ago, Capitalism has had the time to plant its roots deep into this free country’s soil. Some had buckets of KFC, others a Big Mac and others full grocery bags of candies. All that to compensate our dinner at the school.

prague day two

Later on we spent a few hours in the grass in front of TESCOs. We were amazed by the skills of an outstanding pilot doing stunt flying over the city. After a few hours of playing in the grass we returned to the school where the people staying with their partners went home whilst the ones staying at the hostel had dinner at the canteen... to our great despair (we will not go into details for personal reasons)

After another amazing dinner we returned to the hostel where we got ready for the night and starting writing this article. :)

by our reporters in Prague, Noah TCHENIO and Adrien LEGRIS

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