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Comenius Project Prague : Day Four

samedi 8 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

Zombie Survival Guide : Day 4
We woke up and met at the school somehow open on a Saturday (they are aware of zombies !), then we took the bus to the zoo. We separated into groups and stayed there for three hours watching the animals (and avoiding the zombies) It was freaking awesome and there were huge polar bears that kept swimming back and forth, meercats attracted a lot of the attention (same for zombies !) and other animals were also there.


The zoo had a big variety of animals that came from different countries but part of the zoo was flooded (by zombies ?) and the teachers didn’t approve of us swimming in the zoo. We waited for the other groups to meet up at the entrance : « Have they been eaten by Czechoslovacian zombies ? », I asked myself. But no, unfortunately the other idiots eating most of the food reserves that could be for me, were still alive. We all met up, the surviving French-Czech groups, at the entrance and took the bus to the center of Prague.

prague 1

There we walked a long way with music playing in the streets. A group of people played with the help of the amazing technology contained in the ASUS VivoBook (TM), the theme songs of some cool movies such as Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Godfather and Star Wars, Hugo danced a lot and some creepy people filmed him (were they trying to find the best way to eat him:zombie ?). There were a lot of other creepy people selling stuff that you could get off ebay (also known as Zombay in Prague).... We passed some cool buildings and a market. We started walking, walking, walking dead...(sorry for the joke) and saw the river that was lower than we had seen from the plane (thank god).

prague 2

We then briefly went to an awesome mall and got some food provisions (for me especially, I don’t want the other idiots to eat all the food that is let). We then had to walk to the metro station and got in the metro. Some stops were shut and we didn’t stop at them (another zombie business ?). We then walked to the bus stop and got into a very crowded bus, it felt like being jam packed in a suitcase. We then had to take yet another bus that was better and then finally got back to the school. The families were kind of...bothered...since we were an hour late. We then ate (my provisions !) and took the bus again to get to the hostel.

Written by Youri Zissos
Zombiefied by Benjamin Suzzoni

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