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Comenius Project Prague : Day Five

dimanche 9 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

Today was a day that every student experienced differently. At 9am our pen pals picked us up from the school for a day rich in Czech culture (meaning for some McDonald’s and Shopping malls !). We all split into separate groups with our partners and set off into the unknown. Here is the sneak peek of the happenings of some of our Sundays :

Hannah : « It took a while for the Czech and French students to make the effort to communicate but once we did it was a great experience, my favorite part was when we were walking to the school and it started pouring rain and hailing ! I wish I could do it all over again ! »

Adrien : « I met lots of new friends, including a Spanish-speaking 13 year old and left to the center of Prague to eat at McDonalds and spend the whole afternoon at the bowling alley. It was simply great ! The Czechs are amazingly friendly people. »

Noah : « I went to see an exposion in Prague about Tutankhamun, it was really awesome ! We then visited a castle in Prague before going to miniature version of the Eiffel Tour, it was so much fun, I never wanted to leave ! »

Jonah.B : « We went around a lot today, my pen pal’s family was really welcoming and took me to lots of different places, like a Czech castle and a Skola car museum, I had a really great time ! I can’t wait for them to come next year ! »

A World Heritage site Kutna Hora our teachers visited !

Benjamin : « I was invited to the aqua park and stayed there for 3 hours and then we (me + family) went to a mirror maze at the top of a hill in the middle of Prague and then visited a church where there was a doll, made by the Austria-Hungarian emperor, which makes miracles. »

Marine : « In the morning I stayed at my my pen pal’s house and we played card games, and in the afternoon we went to a huge slide, which we slid down with a type of cart, and we could see how fast we went and I went up to 50 kilometers per hour ! After that we went shopping and we went back to my pen pal’s house. It was simply great ! »

Marjorie : « In the morning, my pen pal (Monika) showed me around Dablice and then we went shopping in Prague. Then we visited Prague and went to see the Katedrala Sv. Vita na Prazskemhrde. It was so pretty and I was happy I had come even though my feed were aching. It was really fun !!! »

Emma G : « I went to an exposition on King Tut in the morning and in the afternoon, I went to a miniature Tour Eiffel (55 meters high), all the way to the top, and made myself a postcard with my photo on it ! Cool ! »

And the teachers ? « We went to a church made of bones, a world heritage site and nearly drowned on the motorway, but all’s well that ends well ! Tomorrow, back to school ! (in Dablice !!!) »

Exclusive interviews by Emma Meynadier and Hannah Lisgo

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