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Comenius Project Prague : Day Six

lundi 10 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

We woke up early this morning so as not to be late for school. In the morning, we rehearsed our play with all the Czech partners and our song because it was raining. Then, we ate mashed potatoes, with meat and vegetables and a yoghurt for dessert.
In the afternoon, we went to the Martinu Institute and watched an 1 hour long film which talked about Martinu’s life. After a half an hour, only five people were still awake (without counting the teachers who almost fell asleep themselves). One new thing we learnt, for instance, that Martinu only got married in a church with Charlotte two weeks before his death.

comenius flags

Then, at about 4 o’clock, we went back to the school and we made props and sets for the play.

making props

Then, we ate a speciality from Slovakia called « Halusky » : it is gnocchi with sour cabbage and smoked meat.
Then, we waited for the people who sleep at their pen pal’s house to be picked up by their family, before going back to the hostel, stopping for provisions on the way. After that, we started writing this article and we now have finished it.
Good night !

by our reporters Emma Garton and Marjorie Etchevers

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