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Comenius Project Prague : Day Seven

mardi 11 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

Dobry vecer !

The trip upon which this whole trip is based on has finally arrived ! We visited Policka : Bohuslav Martinu’s birth place.

The two and a half hour bus ride to go there was very fun : Movies, Gossip and Music animated the trip whilst some of us slept to recover from our long walk in Prague. When we finally arrived at destination we realized how small the town really was . The first thing we did was separate our group in two, half of us went to visit the bell tower where Martinu was born (192 steps, but who’s counting ?) whilst others visited the Bohuslav Martinu center. This center is a museum based on Martinus’ life and education. It is actually located where Martinu had his first music lessons !

in policka

After a very entertaining afternoon we all went back to the bus which brought us back to the school. During the ride home we stopped at this gas station, there was a Mcdonald’s in the center of it and I’m sure that it has never sold that many happy meals in such a short amount of time, we could say that we « raided the joint ».

That’s all for now !

by Noah Tchenio live from Ladvi !

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