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Comenius Project Prague : Day Eight

mercredi 12 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

Hello people !
Today, we rehearsed a lot in the morning and in the afternoon. Even though it was boring, we made lots of progress and we improved our play a lot. We still need to work on the costumes and props, but otherwise we were pretty well prepared.
At lunch, we ate sweet bread with a cream sauce, cranberry sauce and a piece of overcooked, hard meat.
At around 4.30, we stopped rehearsing and we set off to the mall. We shopped for around an hour (from 4.45 to 5.45) and as usual we were late for the bus back home :) .


When we came back, the people who slept with families went with them and the other ones went to Mr. Bessko’s (the teacher of the Czech students) house. There were cats, a dog and a trampoline, a porch swing and a ball. There was food to eat and drinks to gulp down after jumping , running and petting the animals. The 3° went to a park with their correspondents, even if they slept at the hostel, and stayed there until 9.00.


Afterwards, we ran for the bus and arrived early (wow :D) and we all went back to the hotel.
Goodbye people !

Written by Marjorie ETCHEVERS

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