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Comenius Project Prague : Day Nine

jeudi 13 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

Another day in the Pragairian life....

Today we rehearsed from 8am until 3pm in hot sweaty and tiring conditions. Even though there were these harsh conditions we all managed to pull through !


After that we all went on a much needed trip up to a park in a forest, the park was a typical playground with slides, merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters and a climbing frame. It also had a large grass area so we could kick a ball around. We got back to the school around 6:30pm and those that are staying at families went with their partners and the rest of ate at the cantina but none of us really touched the food but to our surprise our cool teachers had organized for us to go to a restaurant to eat some real food !

an evening out

I still can’t believe that we are leaving in two days : the trip has gone by soooo fast !
Tomorrow is the proper performance in front of the « big cheese ».

written by Jonah Lisgo, in Prague

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