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Comenius Project Prague : Day Ten

samedi 15 juin 2013, par Julia Fady

This was the big day !

We started off with a technical rehearsal with some professional sound technicians who came by to help. Then all at once it was time to perform for the school. At noon we faced an absolutely packed house. Our costumes were on, the lights were ready, the camera was rolling, and then...there we were on stage. It was incredible.


After that we had lunch, then went to a small park in the forest to relax, play some football and try to rest up for the next TWO performances.

Finally it was 5 o’clock and we gave our second show to a small audience of mostly friends. Despite a few mistakes ;) it went well.

in the park

All too soon it was the last performance at 6 o’clock. The last time we would perform the play in Prague, the culmination of all our work. The host parents were there, the lights dimmed, and we began ! It was fantastic !

But the night was not over. After a quick pot luck supper, it was time to transform our theatre room into a discotheque and have a dance. Lights, music, beautiful dresses. We danced until 10 o’clock and there was love in the air !

beautiful girls

Then at last, back home, tired, happy, sad...

Tomorrow, we meet at 11.30 to take the bus to the airport !

by the Hostel Crew

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