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Collège au Cinéma : DUEL

mardi 24 mars 2015, par Julia Fady

Film Review : Duel

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This is one of the first films of Steven Spielberg telling us the story of a monster truck and a man with apparently no life story. It is a fatal game of cat and mouse. It is nicely filmed with some very interesting camera techniques : at the beginning, when the car goes out of the parking lot, we are the car. Then, at the drive through station, the truck appears and seems intimidating. The action is a bit slow in the beginning but it gets better through the movie. For a young generation it’s a bit hard to watch because we are used to movies with a lot of action and different events. It is a slow but an interesting movie.
By Blandine Paulmyer, Maelle Grisi, Carmen Barbera

Steven Spielberg’s 1st movie, gave us a feeling of anxiety. However, the movie is not very exciting and the end leaves us wondering what exactly happens to the “villain”.
I would recommend this movie to adults or older people who have enough maturity to understand the point of view of Steven Spielberg.
By : Gabin Tourneur, Lily Azcona, Sacha Dauliat, Alexane Kunz and Constance Meleard

This fascinating thriller by Steven Spielberg is not only incredibly filmed but also a master of suspense. An intriguing salesman, rightly called David Mann is pursued by a mysterious truck, that is given the appearance of a monster. Throughout the movie we never see the truck driver’s face although we are shown his boots, making us think he’s a cowboy from a Western in a duel with an urban civilised man (or Mann !) We recommend this movie to an older audience because of the cinematography.
By Geoffrey King, Rebecca Peyriere, Chloe Magda and Alexandre Moreau

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