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Insect Hotels : Time to check in !

samedi 16 mai 2015, par Julia Fady

54insect house

The 4e International class is involved in building Insect Hotels through our group Roots and Shoots in association with the Jane Goodall Institute. We have just had our project approved by the School Counsel, next step : building !

Here is a description of our project :

What is the problem...?

reintroducing insects in an urban environment
insects important : eg bees pollinate flowers, insects control harmful insects which destroy crops
improve biodiversity
help insects because they help us maintain biodiversity
construction of insect hotels help maintain insect populations

Short term goals : until the end of this school year

to construct one insect hotel : first one in school, then see the results to build others
raise money and get materials
to build them is very simple - we can build them ourselves

Long term goals :

introduce many insect hotels in Aix : in parks, other schools
inform others, find out what is happening in other countries and connect with them for a worldwide project

to inform people about the importance of insects to the environment and increase insect population in urban areas

What challenges might you encounter ?

Keeping motivation of the group
Paying for and finding resources
Friendly to the environment
Weather : water proof and wind proof
Time to construct and maintain hotels (who will do it ?)
Rights to public places
People allergic to insects (bees,...) and pollen
Keep it safe from kids and vandalism
People don’t like insects !!!
Might attract pests (rats...)
Transportation to public spaces

What resources exist ?

SVT teacher : knowledge of insects
Film making experience
Family members experienced in building pollinator houses
Save the Earth groups in area ?
Ask professional gardeners (Lucile’s father)
Farmer (Geoffrey’s mother)
INRA scientist to come to talk (Mrs F)
Websites related to insect hotels
Chloe’s mother : book
Sive knows a journalist/editor
Rafael : gardener
Carmen’s grandfather has built insect hotels

How will you know if the goal is reached ?

A certain number of insect hotels filled with insects
Inspect regularly to see how “full” the hotel is
Making a petition to see how many people support the cause
Grade each hotel on a scale of 1 to 10 : full ? Followers ? Species ?

Possible challenges and barriers

Money : to have enough to build hotels
People may feel unwilling to help because they are allergic to bees
Location : obtaining permission
Construction and materials : buying them, knowing how to build hotel
Maintenance : it might get destroyed if it’s not taken care of
Weather : damage hotel (rain, wind...snow ?)
Capacity : not enough room for all the insects
Predators and prey : could cause problems
Insects might not check in

Overcome challenges

Organise money raising activities, such as bake sales
Place signs to inform people from getting too close
Ask school or private people’s homes, buy(?) a location
Find materials : buy or ask for donations (recycled material)
Separate the different insects ?
Place special “food” to attract some insects in particular parts of the hotel
Protect hotels from weather by using weather-resistant material
Place a fence to protect it from large predators

Supplies and materials

Recycled materials (plastic bottles)
Soil or compost
Plant material and vegetable scraps


Tools and storage (for the materials before building)

Food and drink for workers !

Social media account to inform people

Paper, ink, printer, computer and software, envelopes, tape


Transportation (to get the materials to location for building)

Information panel : wood, paint or plastic printed poster ?

Video Camera and camera
Where ?

Ideal :

Playground near olive tree in Collège Mignet

In teacher’s garden (above the canteen)

Alternatives :

Roof of school gymnasium

Parks (Jourdan, La Torse, Bibemus, Ste Victoire...)

(best would be to start at Mignet, then expand if successful)

When ?

Campaign start date : beginning April

Campaign Completion Date : End of June

Scheduled Meeting : every week in English classes

Timeline :

Write a letter to explain project
Talk to Principal
Talk to Conseil d’Administration
Make a website (facebook ?) to follow our progress
Begin storing material in school-find a cupboard or closet
Make copies of timeline for everyone
Organise bake sale or other fund-raising event (mud races ??? sitting on balloon or an egg ??? Crowd-funding ???)
Pick a day to build hotel
make a video about the building, send it to Roots and Shoots
Inaugurate it
Who ?

Campaign Coordinator
Anais Picart
Eva Dulon
Maelle Grisi
Fundraising Coordinator
Gabin Tourneur
Alexane Kunz
Theo Auvray
Gabriel Bosqui
Materials Coordinator
Rebecca Peyrière
Chloé Magda
Blandine Paulmyer
Transportation Coordinator
Lucas Voilquin
Thomas Martin
Food Coordinator
Sophie Mercier
Rafael Perennou
Lily Azcona
Media Coordinator (website, articles...)
Sive Gaudy
Lucile Doise
Project Spokesperson
Chloé Jordan
Constance Méleard
Carmen Barbera
Project Photographer
Sacha Dauliat
Eva Lafontan
Project Videographer
Matthieu Blackler
Christophe Notebaert
Building Coordinator
Felix Wooldridge
Alexandre Moreau
Ongoing actions
Jean Pascal Seux
Gibran Muhajiz

Insect Hotel english project
Insect Hotel english project (in french)

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