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Paul Watson : A Pirate in Mignet

jeudi 21 mai 2015, par Julia Fady

Last Thursday the International Section had the incredible honor of welcoming Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and anti-whaling activist to Mignet.

After a long wait in the cold (no doubt to simulate conditions on board Paul’s ships when they go hunting for illegal whalers in the Antarctic Ocean !), Paul Watson finally arrived.

paul watson arrives

On hand were a group of intrepid students holding the Sea Shepherd’s Jolly Roger and cheering.

greeting the pirate

He then hurried up to a packed cinema room to explain his views about why we need to fight for our oceans. « I’m not here for people, I’m here for the whales, » he told a captive audience.

paul watson 1

For over an hour he told stories about his adventures and his life-long combat to save the world’s largest and most intelligent mammals.

« We believe in non-violent aggression. Like the Dalai Lama, who told me, sometimes you need to frighten the life out of people so they can see the light. »

Some people have called him a pirate, but he told us he’s proud to be pirate if it helps save the oceans. « My clients are the whales and I’ve never heard them complain ! »

paul watson 2

After talking to us, Paul asked for questions from the audience and one student asked what students here at Mignet could do to help the planet. He suggested several things : most importantly, not eating meat or fish, but also, he told us, « Everyone is important, each of us can become aware and do what we can, in our own way. We should all put our talents to work to make the world a better place ! »

That’s a message we can all agree on !

Paul Watson and Mr Ponce

Thank you to Mrs Pilou Brown, the Apelevia association and the administration for making this extraordinary visit possible !

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