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Building a hotel for insects

vendredi 19 juin 2015, par Julia Fady

Insect Hotel

The 4e International Class got together on Friday 19th June to build their insect hotel. After collecting all the donated material, the students created a beautiful place to promote biodiversity.

Chloé M and Eva welcomed everyone with posters and brochures. Carmen, Lucile and Chloé J patiently explained to the 6e and 5e International classes what the project was about while the master builders Gabriel, Theo, Felix and Alexandre transported the hotel and cut the material to size with the help of the school’s carpenter. Thomas, Jean-Pascal, Lucas and Gibran carefully fitted the PVC tubes to make homes for the insects, under the watchful eye of Christophe and Mathieu behind the camera.


Raphael and Lily had organized the refreshments for all with the contributions of the whole class—even some of the 5e had made cookies to share !


Meanwhile Sive, Maelle, Blandine, Anais, Eva and Rebecca were busy fitting out the rooms. The 6e helped by gathering leaves for the « furnishings ». Gabin, Sacha, Sophie, Alexane and Constance joined in to help make the event a success for all.


Now we just have to wait for our guests to check in...


Voir en ligne : Jane Goodall Institute France

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