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dimanche 3 janvier 2016, par Julia Fady

COP 21 : A Climate Change Simulation

The 4e and 3e International classes played a climate simulation game where each student represented a country and they had to negotiate a climate agreement, just like in the real COP21 in Paris.

The 4e and 3e International students are waiting nervously outside the door to the cinema room. For the past weeks they have been preparing information about the country they are going to represent and now is the big day. They are all wearing their best clothes, some of them are in ties for the very first time, others have scarves around their heads or even long flowing robes. As they enter the room they are greeted formally by their teacher.

“Good afternoon, sir. What country are you representing please ? Please sign in and find your assigned seat.”

This is how the climate simulation game began...

COP21 Collège Mignet from Julia Fady on Vimeo.

Each student was given a badge with the name of their country on it and went to find their seat. Then Mrs Fady, who was playing the role of Laurence Tubiana, special French ambassador for international climate negotiations, gave a speech to welcome them. Their mission : to save the planet from coming climate catastrophe !

As Christophe, delegate to South Korea, said, “It felt very professional !”

The students were then invited to join their delegation in different areas of the room. The Developed countries (led by the United States, Canada, the European Union and Japan) sat down at the front of the room at a table with a n information file and refreshments. The Developing countries (led by China, Brazil, and India) went to a table at the back where they also found an information file and refreshments for all. Finally, the Less developed nations were taken behind the cinema room to the art room, temporarily transformed into a meeting room, where they found a file and...just three bottles of water for 27 delegates !

Each student delegation had to decide on a year when they were going to stop growth, when they were going to reduce emissions and by what percentage. The discussions were often very intense ! Everyone was then invited back into the main room for a plenary session to present their proposals to the group. Needless to say, the Less Developed Nations felt that the developed nations weren’t doing enough to solve the problem...!

Mrs Fady then showed everyone a simulation model developed by Climate Interactive where they could see the results of their proposals on temperature and sea level rise.

“I felt shocked,” Eva, the delegate from Bangladesh said. “The developed countries weren’t going to change anything until 2050 !”

The simulation was brought to a close and everyone understood both how hard it is to come to an agreement between different countries and the importance of acting now on this important issue.
Some comments after the experience :

“Overall I think it was an amazing experience !” (JP delegate to Singapore)
“This exercise was exciting and super fun !” (Theo, delegate to India)
“I learned a lot in the space of a few hours.” (Eva, delegate from Mexico)
“Being a less developed country was the best experience and has taught me a lot of things.” (Carmen, delegate from Botswana)

We would like to thank Jeremy Sanna, media specialist, who made a video of the exercise and Dominica Babicki for their participation.

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