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Good Masters ! Sweet Ladies !

jeudi 11 février 2016, par Julia Fady

Good Masters ! Sweet Ladies !

The 5e International students jumped back to the Middle Ages to create a play which they performed in the cinema room for the 4e Int and the 5e1.

It is the year 1255 AD and the people living in English manor are telling their stories :

Will the Plowboy (Callum) tells what his father (Lucas) taught him, “If you’ve got three fields, you sow wheat in October and barley in March and let the third field rest.” Poor Will doesn’t understand why the fields can rest when he can’t !

Alice the shepherdess (Maya) is more “sheep than human’, or so says her father (Lisa).

Thomas (Lucas), the doctor’s son is learning how to cure his patients “AND to make them pay” from his father (Ethan).

Then there’s Constance (Talya), a pilgrim and a hunchback, who’s traveling to Saint Winifred’s well to be cured.

Otho (Antoine) and his father (Max) are millers who cheat their customers by replacing the flour with chalk !

Simon (Alexander Z) wants to be a knight, but his father (Alexander L) tells him there’s no money so he must be a monk...

Edgar (Alexander S) and Edmund (Johann) are falconers and want to set their bird free rather than let Simon have it.

Isobel (Emilie) and her maid servant Emmot (Noemie) are walking through the town when Barbary (Kelia) throws a clod of dung at them, ruining her new dress, all because her stepmother (Lauren) made her take her two naughty twin brothers to market.

Jacob ben Salomon (Naomie) enjoys himself by a stream with the merchant’s daughter (Lucille).

Piers (Clara) is learning to blow glass from his master (Clementine) and will have to marry one of the master’s daughters (Tian Zhu and Lucile), that is, if they are willing...

Nelly (Alice) and her twin sister Elly (Annelise) are snigglers : they catch eels for a living.

And last, but not least, there’s Giles (Camylle), a beggar and his father (Lilou) who trick the townspeople by selling them fake holy water !

And so the play ends and, as the townspeople say, “Forgive us our trespasses and pardon our lies, look after your foxes as well as your sheep !”

Thank you to our audience and actors !

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