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vendredi 11 mars 2016, par Julia Fady

When Quorum English Theatre comes to Collège Mignet...

Quorum Theatre, an Engish Theatre company, came to Mignet to present their play « A Plan of Action » in two performances, one for the 5e and 4e International classes and one for the 3e3, 3e4 and 3e7.

The play was about two adolescents, Tabitha and Liam, who are unhappy about their parent’s new partners, who, as it turns out, are also their parents ! To separate their parents, the two come up with a crazy plan of action, where Tabitha pretends to be a sexy French girl and Liam becomes sexy Italian boy...

It was great fun and everyone had a great time.

After the play, some lucky 3e students got the chance to participate in a theatre workshop led by the actors. Now it was the students’ turn to become English speaking actors !

« I loved it, » said one 3e student. « When are they coming back ? »

Soon, we hope !

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