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When former pupils come back to Mignet

samedi 2 avril 2016, par Nathalie MANIVET-DELAYE

Anna and Chloë, two former pupils of Mignet have come back... home...

At the beginning of March I received a letter from Anna. It started like this :

« I am an alumnus of College Mignet from 2002 - 2007. .... Attending Mignet has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. »

She asked permission to visit College Mignet, to shadow classes during the morning and to host an informal interactive music performance during the lunch break. She hoped to gather an understanding of what it’s like to attend Mignet today and reflect on her experiences with the students.

Of course she was invited to come whenever she wanted.

And she did - yesterday, on April 1st. But she was not alone. Chloë, another alumnus came with her.

They both met the international section pupils, their former teachers but also many other pupils while performing during the lunch break ;

A notre demande, Anna a écrit un article pour parler de son parcours. Il est consultable ci-dessous :

Il nous donne des éléments de réflexion sur la nécessité d’une école bienveillante...

Thank you Anna and Chloë. We all hope you’ll be back soon.

  • Anna is an artist traveller educator and research art, pedagogy and learning around the world including Canada, Burkina Faso and India. She is currently doing an MA Artist Teacher at Goldsmiths University of London.
    To know more about Anna :
  • Chloë is French-American and in 2010 she graduated McGill University in Geography B.A. She started investing herself in filmmaking since her experience in Panama where she interned to make a documentary on the Biomuseum. She returned to Montreal where she gained further experience in an independent production company.
    To know more about Chloë :
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