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GREEN DAY AT MIGNET ! (English version by the 4e Inter)

lundi 28 novembre 2016, par Julia Fady

To create awareness about climate change, the 4e International class is organizing a « Green Day » at Mignet where we will sell home-made cookies and cakes, badges and bracelets to donate to an association to help save our planet.

Lilou, Noémie G, Kélia and Clémentine explain the problem...

Climate change, which is a gradual rising of Earth’s temperature, is one of the major problems right now. Even small increases in Earth’s temperature caused by climate change can have severe effects. The primary cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, which emits gases into the atmosphere (carbon dioxide).

Another main cause of climate change is agriculture. Raising beef uses a lot of land, which could be used for food production and the cows burp a lot of methane when they chew, which heats up the planet. If methane happens to be leaked into the air, it absorbs the sun’s heat and warms the atmosphere. In the first two decades after its release, methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

As the temperature is going up, the ice is melting and mostly, the sea level is rising, which will contaminate our drinking water, threaten wildlife populations (such as polar bears) and most importantly, it will threaten the Human population.

Not doing anything would be selfish because that would be not thinking about future generations. A simple action such as giving a small donation to associations would already be a big help to our planet.

Our class, with Mrs. Fady’s help, are going to organize a cookie and muffin sale to collect money for the association WWF. The WWF association is the world’s first organization for protecting the environment. As they say “Your donation is our force !”

Next Friday, so December 2d at the 10 o’clock break, you will be able to buy a muffin for 2€ or a cookie for 1€50. You will also be able to buy badges and bracelets for 1€ each.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the sale :)))


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