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Une journée solidarité organisée par les 3e inter et la CIMADE

lundi 22 mai 2017, par Julia Fady, Nathalie MANIVET-DELAYE

Les élèves de 3e inter, pilotés par Mrs FADY, organisent une journée « solidarité » en partenariat avec la CIMADE

The CIMADE is an organization whose primary purpose is dedicated to increasing the rights of immigrants and helping those fleeing from their countries in hopes of escaping poverty, war, and/or inequality. We as the troisième international class are proposing a fun, interactive day dedicated to raising money and awareness to this organization which will be held on Friday the 9th of June. Activities such as games, a football tournament, and a bake sale will be offered to students and guest immigrants from the CIMADE.

The conference

A conference will be held in the morning from 8-12 in the cinema room to teach students and teachers about the CIMADE. They will be able to listen to guest speakers from the CIMADE talk about their experiences and view a short film. Three classes can be present for the conference each hour. There will be four hours for four conferences, making it available for 12 classes in all. Teachers of troisième and quatrième classes must sign up in advance for a conference slot. Students will miss their regular class during the hour signed up.

Football tournament

A football tournament will be held during the day in two sessions. The first session will be the elimination rounds (8am-10am) in the court yard and the second session will be the finals (1pm-2pm) in the gymnasium. Students signed up will need to be excused from class.

Games :
The games being played will be “one step ahead,” a game in which each player is given a different character profile then asked a series of questions. If the character answers “yes” then the student takes a step forward. If the character answers “no” then the students stays in place. The game is a good representation of the hardships faced by real people struggling due to their upbringing and personal circumstances. Students who want to play will come to the dance room and participate any time between 1pm-2pm.

Bake sale

A bake sale will be held in the foyer and all profits will be donated to the CIMADE.

... Games Bake sale Conference Football tournament Mobile phone drive/donation Concert
places salle des casiers front of the "Foyer" cinema room Courtyard/gym Entrance Under the "préau"
times 1pm-2pm 10am-12am-2pm 8am-12am 8am-10am-1pm-2pm 7:40-8 am all week 12:20 am-1pm


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