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Encounter with a Vampire !

samedi 10 mars 2018, par Julia Fady

The 4e International class went on a journey to Transylvania where they met a mysterious Count, a Count named Dracula ! Soon the Count has returned to London and several people fall victim to his terrible powers : a young girl called Lucy, a madman by the name of Renfield, a business man, Jonathan Harker, and most of all the girl he would like to claim for his own, Mina Harker.

Will Mina be able to resist Dracula’s charms ? Will Professor Van Helsing, Quincy Morris, Dr Seward, Arthur Holmwood and the Harkers be able to defeat this terrible Evil ?

The 4e International class performed their play last Friday to a captive audience of 5e Internationals, some parents and even some staff members.

Although, as Deanne says, « There’s always room for improvement, » the production went well and a good time was had by all.

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