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Tell My Story (part two)

mardi 1er mai 2018, par Julia Fady

The 3e International class wrote and designed different media to help tell the story of the migrants who came to talk to our class with the Cimade.

The 3e Internationals were deeply moved by the stories they heard from two brothers accompanied by the Cimade who came to share their lives with the class . The two young men, N and H, told how they travelled from Afghanistan to Aix en Provence. We have not given their names as their journey is not yet complete, but here are some of the different ways the students found to tell their story.

Here is a diary by Chloé, Lucie, Emilie and Tian-Zhu :

Here is a Draw My Life by Noémie, Clara, Lauren and Camylle :

Here is a poster designed by Lucas Delvoye and Yohann :

All different ways to tell their story...

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