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dimanche 21 octobre 2018, par Julia Fady

The exchange with Temple Carrig school in Dublin has come to an end with the hosting of the Irish students for a week from the 3rd to the 10th October.

For the past year the International section has been corresponding with Temple Carrig school in Dublin, Ireland. Last year, the 4e class went to visit them. This year, the Irish students and their teachers came to see us and spend a week with their 3e partners.

The wonderful one-week exchange was a great experience for all.

Here are some of the students’ thoughts about the exchange :

« It was like having a week-long sleep over. » Deanne

« Now we’re closer as a group. » Sylvie

« Honestly I haven’t had a week as good as that for weeks. » Louis

« I now have two brilliant friends. » Charlie


« My pen didn’t like French food and the only cheese he liked was cheddar ! » Mikael

« At the end almost everyone cried. » Jaime

« I only wish one thing : to see them again. » Scott

« You brought the rain, we brought the sun, but in the end I’d do anything to go back. » Carla

« At first I thought it was just an exchange of letters, but now I realise it was much more. » Ian

« We promised to see each other again, but I know this is kind of the end. » Marie

It’s true that, at the end, many tears were shed and some students have even begun to make plans for a future visit. As Bria wrote, « We will all be able to look back on a wonderful time with wonderful people. »

To conclude, in Zoe Lafontan’s words :

"Passport in our rucksack
Saying all the goodbyes
It’s funny we don’t notice
How fast time flies.

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