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lundi 14 janvier 2019, par Julia Fady

The International class is committed to helping build a better future for our planet.

As part of our commitment to climate, the 5e and 6e International classes organized a bake sale last Thursday to raise money and awareness about our oceans and help the Sea Shepherd organization.

As one student wrote on her poster, « If the oceans die, we die. » Those are the words of Sea Shepherd’s founder, Paul Watson. In December two activists from Sea Shepherd came to talk to the classes about Sea Shepherd’s missions around the world and how they help save biodiversity. The talk was so inspiring that the students felt they had to do something, so Noah and Leyla came up with the idea of a bake sale.

The students baked cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, even popcorn, and sold them during lunch break to hungry classmates. Thanks to their hard work, the International section is proud to announce that we raised 400€ to give to Sea Shepherd to help them continue their important work.

For more information on what Sea Shepherd does and how you can help, go to

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