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mercredi 3 avril 2019, par Julia Fady

The 5e Inters went on a trip in time to Hogwarts in their production of the second part of the play « Harry Potter and the Cursed Child » to the 6e last Tuesday. But what they found was an altered reality.

Scorpius Malfoy (performed by Cassy Lemarechal, Charles Vandendriesche and Olivier Couthaud), Draco Malfoy’s son, has inadvertently changed time when traveling back to the Triwizard Tournament to save Cedric Diggory. Now he has ended up in an different reality where Voldemort is still alive and Dolores Umbridge (Noemie Guillaton) is in charge of Hogwarts.

It all seems hopeless until he meets with Snape (performed by Zacharie Aloccio and Tommy Li), along with Hermione (Ellie Geslin, Zelie Gaudy) and Ron (Noah Yoseph, James Roberts). They are all that’s left of Dumbledore’s Army, but they help him switch time back to the present.

They block a spell attempted by Scorpius and Albus, Harry Potter’s son (performed by Thomas Ramillon and Teo Cermelli) and save Cedric (Matteo Durand).

Everything apparently goes back to normal in the Triwizard Tournament as Ludo Bagman (performed by Martin Aubet) describes the third task : the Maze.

But unfortunately, unbeknownst to anyone, another person would like to see Voldemort return ! Who is it ? You had to watch the play to find out !

A wonderful time was had by all and the 6e (the audience) all thought the play was « awesome » ! So did we ! Well done to everyone ! (You may applaud...!)


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