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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

mercredi 15 mai 2019, par Julia Fady

The place : London. The year : 1886. On a dark night. On a dark street. With...a door.

The 4e International class went on a trip back to Victorian England to explore the peculiar mystery of a man called Mr Edward Hyde.

After he is seen trampling a little girl in the middle of the night, a lawyer, Mr Utterson decides to investigate.

Who is this Edward Hyde ? And what is his connection with his good friend Dr Henry Jekyll ?

It is when Hyde murders Sir Danvers Carew under the watchful eye of a maid, that things really start to accelerate.

The newspapers are calling it in the streets ! Hyde must disappear ! But can he ?

What is the good doctor’s involvement ? And why is he so interested in chemistry these days ?

Poor Lanyon dies when he finds out the secret.

What is Jekyll hiding in his back rooms ?

Only Utterson is left with a peculiar manuscript to solve the mystery...

The 4e not only studied the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, but they also wrote this exciting new play and performed in for the 5e Inters. Now we all know the secret, but do you ?


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