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Fridays for Future

lundi 23 septembre 2019, par Julia Fady

Last Friday the International OIB section joined with Greta Thunberg and millions of others across the globe to raise awareness about climate change.

The 3e students wrote scenes, the 5e made speeches, the 4e made pledges, the 6e made posters, everyone participated in an effort to raise awareness about the problems the world is facing due to climate change.

There are many simple things that we can do everyday. As Rujuta wrote : « If everyone plays a part by doing small actions like stopping buying palm oil products, using public transportation and recycling, maybe we can make a change. » Or, as Kim said, « Some people don’t want to believe in global warming, but the ones who are aware should raise awareness and ACT ! »

Two 5e students, Peter and Maxime, decided to go on a clean-up walk in their local park.

videoplayback from Julia Fady on Vimeo.

Everyone can help. As Greta Thunberg says, « No one is too small to make a difference ! »

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