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We can all our own way

lundi 2 décembre 2019, par Julia Fady

« Hans Kahn, 16 years old ; Daniel Kaminsky, 2 years old ; Noemie Kaminsky, 7 years old ; Werner Kaufmann, 17 years old ; Marion Kleinkopf, 4 years old ; Hans Kraus, 1 year old ; Dora Kressel, 16 years old... » Paolo Dulbecco, student of 3e Inter, read the names and ages of children deported from the Camp des Milles in August and September 1942 into a heavy silence.

The students of 3e International class were invited to participate at the inauguration of a new exhibit at the Camp where the names and photos of the internees are displayed on the side of a train car-like the train car which took them to Auschwitz.

Afterwards the students visited the camp and asked questions about the conditions. One of the main purposes of this « place of memory » is to help us understand how a society can be led to commit the unimaginable.

The students walked the dismal corridors of the old brick and tile factory, the names still echoing in their heads.

« But how could they sleep here ? »
« It’s so hurts my lungs... »
« Didn’t they have warm coats ? »
« But weren’t they against the Nazis ? »

As Alain Chouraqui said at the inauguration, one of the main purposes of the Camp is to bring their humanity back to the deported, to the lost, to the dead.
« They were all individuals, with their differences, and their richness, » he said.

As individuals, we can all resist, in our own way, so that such things never happen again.

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