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Dracula était de retour à Mignet

samedi 15 février 2020, par Julia Fady, Nathalie MANIVET-DELAYE

Pilotés par Mrs FADY, les 4e OIB ont oeuvré sur une adaptation théâtrale de Dracula de Bram Stoker
Ils se sont donnés en spectacle en salle des casiers ce vendredi 14 février

« For centuries I have walked the world alone. In fierce joy, but in weariness too. The weariness of solitude... »

Thus begins the play Dracula, based on the novel by Bram Stoker. Count Dracula is looking for a companion. The visit of Jonathan Harker, sent to Transylvania to sell him property, gives him the opportunity of finding the one he will choose : Jonathan’s wife, Mina. First, Dracula uses Jonathan to move from Transylvania to England and find Mina. There he attacks Mina’s best friend Lucy and turns her into a vampire. Mina is helped by Professor van Helsing, Dr Seward, Quincy Morris, Arthur Holmwood and Jonathan to face Dracula. But Dracula is also helped by one of Dr Seward’s patients, a madman, Renfield, who worked for the same firm as Jonathan, and who, like Jonathan, visited Transylvania. Now Renfield would like Dracula to give him eternal life, but he refuses. So Renfield betrays him and, together with Mina, defeats him. In the end, Dracula is burned to dust by the light of the rising sun.

Here are some pictures taken from the production presented by the 4e OIB students to the 6e OIB class. Look closely, you can see some backstage shots as well !

Part One :

Le film !

Part Two :

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