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Meeting an Author

mercredi 4 mars 2020, par Julia Fady

In the International section, the students not only get the opportunity to read famous authors, but sometimes they even get to meet them. That was true for the 3e OIB class who met David Chariandy, author of the novel Brother, at Book in Bar last week.

Chariandy’s novel tells the story of two brothers, Michael and Francis, growing up in the poor neighbourhood of Scarborough near Toronto, Canada. The story is full of sorrow and hope as it oscillates between the past and the present day. It touches on questions of immigration, integration, racism, violence and the urgent desire to somehow make the future better. « You can always do things to let the world know you’re not nobody. You never know when your break is coming, » advises older brother Francis. But the breaks don’t come for Francis and Michael is left to deal with reality on his own.

David, Ari, Juliette G, Juliette B, Emilie, Alexandra, Violetta, Océane and Rujuta listened as Chariandy read passages from his book and answered questions from the audience. As David says, « I liked the way he gave his views. He helped me to understand the novel. » Ocean and Rujuta agree. Juliette B adds, « It made the book clearer for me. » Juliette G was particularly moved when he answered her question. « He was interested in what I had to say, » she tells us.

After the discussion, David Chariandy graciously signed the students’ books.

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