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mercredi 17 février 2021, par Julia Fady

DRACULA returned to Mignet, more clever and more powerful than ever !

The 4e OIB class presented the epic play based on the novel by Bram Stoker to the 6e OIB last Thursday. It was truly an awe-inspiring performance.

Wicked Count Dracula lures innocent Jonathan Harker to visit him in Transylvania. Jonathan thinks he is coming for a business transaction, but the business is much more sinister than he can imagine. Soon he realises he is being held prisoner in the castle and is only hope is to attempt a bold escape.

Meanwhile, in England, Mina Murray, Jonathan’s fiancé, is visiting her friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy has been having strange dreams, dreams of Dracula, in fact. Soon he comes for her and transforms her into a vampire. Luckily Professor Van Helsing knows what to do and leads Lucy’s fiancé, Arthur Holmwood and his friends, Quincy Morris and Dr Seward, to put a stake through Lucy’s heart.

But that doesn’t stop Dracula ! He has an accomplice, a madman, Renfield, who used to work in the same firm as Jonathan, who also travelled to Transylvania and who wants to become a vampire. He is now in an asylum. Dracula tricks him and uses him to get to his real prey, Mina.

Finally, after a wild chase across land and sea, Dracula is defeated and the horror ends.

The play was truly magical with lights, costumes and music. As one parent said, “The performance was absolutely outstanding and the best we have seen to date...each of the children put their heart into their part and their passion and enthusiasm really shone through.”

Well done to all !


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