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The Great International Book Exchange

mercredi 24 mars 2021, par Julia Fady

Reading is fundamental. Everyone knows this. But how can we encourage reading in this day of smart phones and tablets ?

The 5eOIB class recently took up the challenge. First, they read articles about the use of smart phones and found that, according to a 2012 Ofcom study, 12-15 year olds send an average of 193 texts per week and spend as much as 17 hours per week on their phones or laptops ! They decided to do something about this !

First of all they created advertisements directed towards the 6eOIB to help them become aware of their smartphone use. You can see some of them below. The one selected by the class as the most effective was this one :


Then, they created a commercial to help encourage reading. This commercial made everyone want to be swag and start reading.

Finally, they created a book exchange where they gave either a book review or an actual book to their 6e partners (and the 6e did the same !) It was the Great International Book exchange to celebrate March is reading month.

So, be swag, put down your phones and start reading !


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