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Uniforms : for or against ?

vendredi 25 avril 2008, par la rédaction

Uniforms : for or against ?

Do you like uniforms ? Do you think they’re good or not ?

Well in many countries, all school children must wear uniforms. Can you imagine that ? Picture all the boys in Mignet wearing a shirt along with shorts or trousers(with a tie), and all the girls in blouses and tartan skirts.


Here is a picture of some people in the United Kingdom wearing a uniform.


What do you think ? Do you think that uniforms help keep a school disciplined ?

Uniforms can be good because they keep students from wearing clothes that are too distracting (like exposing your belly button in very short tank tops or boy’s underwear popping out of their trousers).
But uniforms can really look awful on some people. Uniforms mean no more individual choice. You can’t express your personal taste in fashion in a uniform.

Here are some school children wearing normal clothes. Would you like to see uniforms in Mignet 

Uniforms can also be expensive, (but all schools say that they are cheaper then normal clothes, “because they last longer”)
By Nina Evans

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