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The side effects of fashion : anorexia

vendredi 25 avril 2008, par la rédaction

Nowadays teenage girls get so obsessed with the way they look and dress...this is one of the main reasons leading to anorexia. Anorexics compare extreme slimness to beauty and think that they are overweight where, in fact, they might be undernourished, so they end up starving themselves. It’s good to stay thin but there’s no point in starving !

Anorexia is actually an obsession to limit food intake and is also a sense of low self-esteem. The first signs of anorexia are pickiness at mealtimes and a lot of exercising. During puberty it is very important to eat enough for the body to grow. Some girls even turn anorexic because of boys who don’t like them or because they get jealous of their friends because they have boyfriends or they’re prettier etc

Instead of letting them starve we should try to help them like telling their parents before it get worse.

But in some cases parents will deny the anorexia because they feel it will show as if they have not brought up their child well enough. Recently some models in Italy were requested to gain weight for a show instead of losing weight.
Did you know ?

A Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston died of anorexia ! Yes, it might be shocking to some but it is true. So if you know any one who is suffering from anorexia try to help them, do not let them die !

Lady Diana who died in a car accident, also suffered from anorexia and bulimia ! (disease where you eat too much and vomit) because she was so depressed about Prince Charles going out with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Written by Keertana Khatwani


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