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Les critiques de l’Exclusif ... Alex Ryder is back !

vendredi 25 avril 2008, par la rédaction

Most teenagers would love to live an action packed life and still make it home for dinner. Alex Rider wants exactly the opposite : to live a normal teenager’s life without being bothered by MI6, the CIA or worst of all Scorpia. Although when being a spy runs in the family, it’s not that easy to be “normal”. Or when you have to skip out of ten months of school because you are on a top secret mission , it’s exactly the contrary of “normal”. He just hopes that someday they’ll leave him alone.
That’s not going to happen anytime soon. After plummeting towards earth in a module from space as a result from his last mission, Alex finds himself in Australia. Why doesn’t he just go home and never leave the house again ? That’s easier said than done. He is only convinced to infiltrate Snakehead, one of the world’s most dangerous gangs because his partner is Ash, the godfather Alex never knew he had—the answer to all Alex’s questions on his own identity.
It turns out to be too good to be true when everything that could go wrong does. But will Alex win this time before half a continent is destroyed ?
Extract from the cover :
They murdered his parents. They shot him and left him for dead. And yet Alex Rider thought he was finished with the terrorist organization known as Scorpia when he ruined their plans to kill thousands of innocent children.
He was wrong.
Scorpia is back and more dangerous than ever...
Available in bookstores everywhere, for more information check out Anthony Horowitz’s website : . Or if you are interested in the previous books in the series Mrs. Fady has them in her library.

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