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Wednesday, March 12th

lundi 18 août 2008, par la rédaction

On the road to Winchester we stopped in Salisbury to see the cathedral, which is 750 years old and has the tallest spire in Britain.








“We heard the history of the cathedral, told by an English guide”. We did not understand everything... but we learnt that it has the oldest working clock in the world, dating from 1386.


 “listening to our friendly guide”





After the visit we had our picnic on the lawn in front of the cathedral.
It was very cold and windy but we had to eat outside !

Then we drove to Winchester. We were split into two groups to go to the West Gate for “Brass rubbing”.




There, we had different activities : we did some drawings and we could try knights’ armours.







Next to the West Gate we saw an enormous replica of the Round Table hanging on the wall of the Great Hall.



How impressive !











Waiting for our teachers !

















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