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Thursday, March 13th

lundi 18 août 2008, par la rédaction

This morning we had to get up earlier because it takes 4 hours to go to Tintagel. When we arrived we looked for a place to eat indoors because it was raining. We were divided into three groups and had lunch in three different coffee shops . We drank a delicious hot Viennese chocolate. Yum-yum !

After lunch we went to
King Arthur’s Great Hall. In the first room we heard the story of Arthur told by Merlin the Wizard.


In the second room, we saw the throne of King Arthur, a reproduction of the Round Table, and
we read a lot of information about the knights and their coats of arms.

Eugénie and her friends learning about Arthur’s Knights

Then, we saw the ruins of the castle where King Arthur is supposed to have been born.

On the way we walked past the famous Old Post Office.

The site is on a cliff on the North Coast of Cornwall.

The view was breathtaking ! ! !

Shall we go ?

It was certainly one of the rainiest and one of the coldest days of the week ! But definitely one of the most exciting experiences of our stay in England.

Knights are courageous, aren’t they ?

















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