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On stage with Oliver Twist

mercredi 3 février 2010, par Julia Fady

Mardi 2 février 2010
Les élèves de 5e de la section internationale présentent une adaptation théâtrale d’Oliver Twist.
Chacun a son rôle.

Les jeunes acteurs reviennent sur leur performance d’un jour. Ils témoignent sur le meilleur et le pire de leur expérience d’acteur.

"I think the best part about this theatre project was to learn and have fun at the same time."
Victor Depois 5e3


"The best part was the end when they started clapping, it was better than any grades possible !"
Sasha Dingwall 5e4

Some people had more lines and some people had less, but we all put the same effort into the play."
Benjamin Pegon, 5e3
"By the time we performed it felt to me like I wasn’t just acting but I was the character I was playing."
Claire DiLeo 5e4

"The worst part was when the spectators entered because there seemed to be so many of them, I wasn’t sure I would do my part right."
Marie Lelievre 5e4
"The best part of this project was working together, you get to know people better, it was really fun."
Bianca Serio 5e4

"Sometimes when you see other people that are on stage next to you in their costume, it makes you laugh. But I didn’t laugh, which was a good thing."
Jenny James 5e3

"The worst part was when people forgot their lines and we had to start again and then wait and wait until it was our turn to act."
Antonina Karasinska 5e4

"The hardest part was the way to react to stress and not forget the props !"
Louis Bourgogne 5e3


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