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6e International section go on a quest

jeudi 29 avril 2010, par Julia Fady

As part of the 6e International English curriculum, all the students wrote and illustrated a complete book, a quest they wrote.

Their mission :
to save the World !


The Hidden Key

The Secret of the Locket of Power

The Secret of the Season Changer

I’ve been having a bad day so far. I was punished because I had been rude to my father so I had to walk the dog. Wait a minute, I didn’t present myself. My name is Rachel and I’m a human ; I live in the village of Smiggle...

(from The Hidden Key by Isabelle Dugdale, 6e Int)


  The Secret of the Locket of Power
by Camille Simon
, 6e Int
The Secret of the Season Changer
by Louise de Campou


We were out of the town and heading to a bridge. But when we saw the bridge, it was broken.
"What are we going to do now ?" Charlotte asked.
"I’m going to see if this bridge is really broken, " I answered.
So I went on it, but a strange noise of cracking sounded near me. It was the bridge. I didn’t know what to do. I looked at both sides and then I ran to the other side as quickly as I could.

(from The Search for the Season Changer by Louise de Campou)



  The back cover from The Legend of the Wish Stone by Corto Olëi-Pearson and the dedication from The Diamond Star by Tess Dingwall


Ten years have passed, I’m 20 and I think about the quest everyday...I think I’m glad I went on this quest, I learnt a lot of things. Today the world, our village is wonderful. Animals are everywhere, flowers are everywhere...

from The Diamond Star by Tess Dingwall



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